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My Top 3 Cards

G: 10   S: 3   C: 5   D: 4

G: 10   S: 3   C: 5   D: 4

G: 10   S: 2   C: 5   D: 5

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I have now moved most of the old reviews to this new library and added a large number of new reviews. The work continues!

The Old Library is still here and you can access it via this link.


You have just entered into my personal fan site dedicated to the mysterious world of VirtuaGirl, a desktop software that displays beautiful women dancing, playing and stripping on your computers taskbar. The purpose for this website is to share my thoughts about VirtuaGirl, personally grade the individual shows and be an unofficial library to the world of VirtuaGirl.

This website contain some brief nudity and explicit language, of an erotic nature, to describe the content of individual clips. If you are under age or easily offended by this type of content please don't continue any further into this website!

If you have any questions regarding the VirtuaGirl software or content in general please visit the official website and seek information there.

Last but not least: As a fan and longtime member of the VirtuaGirl community I don't endorse any illegal copying or manipulation of the VirtuaGirl software or related material... so please don't ask me if I know if it's possible to get the full shows without paying! If you like what you see in the free trailers given you should pay to get the full shows as we all do!


Models: Here you find information about the individual VirtuaGirls.
Cards: Each model have one or more cards containing a unique outfit. Since new cards are released all the time the cards I include in this library are those I have bought or received via subscription.
Clips: The individual Cards are made up of several separate clips, or desktop animation files (VGHD files). These are displayed randomly via the software.
Reviews: Read more about how I grade and review my cards on the About page.
Resolution: Since this version of VirtuaGirl was released in 2007 the Totem Team have upgraded the quality of the clips in several steps. The most important improvement came when they introduced the Full HD clips starting with card nr. 655. All cards above this number will sooner or later be available in at least 1080p. Even the 720p cards with higher numbers have a much higher graphic quality due to the video processing technique introduced at the same time.

My New Cards

G: 8   S: 3   C: 4   D: 3

G: 8   S: 2   C: 4   D: 3

G: 8   S: 2   C: 4   D: 3

G: 8   S: 2   C: 4   D: 3

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