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Card Nr: 444 | Show duration: Over 41 min (25 clips)
Card Res: 720p | Show explicitness: Full nudity

Origin: Prague / Czech republic | Age: 25
In her hometown Walleria tells us she once won a bikini competition and was named Miss Former Soviet Union. It sounds like a silly event that some guys thought up just to get to see her in a bikini! Aren't you glad that with VirtuaGirlHD we do all the work for you? All you need to do is pick and click. Just pick the girl you want, click her and enjoy!

Card Review:

Card Grade: 8 / 10 | Spice level: 3 / 5 | Model Charm: 4 / 5 | Dance skill: 3 / 5
This is actually a kind of fun outfit with Walleria throwing money all around ;) ...could have been much better though if there would only have been more energy to her performance.

Hmm, wiping her ass with a dollar bill might sound sexy in theory but seeing it in action is a whole different thing. Not a good idea! ;)

Five full nude clip but still kind of soft. All in all a solid 8 for this one.